Student Respondus Tips for Finals

Wednesday, December 16, 2020

On the eve of finals, CTL recommends the following tips for students who are required to use Respondus tools for exams:  

  • Test your Device
    Check Respondus requirements with this short quiz to be sure your device is ready. 

  • Be Patient; Delays are Possible
    Faculty across the nation will ask students to test using Respondus while physical distancing continues. You could experience a delay of up to 300 seconds if many students simultaneously attempt to use Repondus services. 

NOTE:  If your final exam contains Math equations,  a bug in the Chrome extension may remove “+” and “=” symbols in equations until you zoom in or out on your browser to either 90% or 110%. You can avoid the issue by using the Firefox browser. This is not an issue if you will be using Respondus to take your exam - it will render correctly.

For student FAQs related to Repondus, see