Surveys Say: Zoom over Webex

Friday, January 15, 2021

This fall, 27,000 students, faculty and staff began using Zoom for teaching, meetings, and collaboration. On May 18, 2021, OneIT will transition away from Webex, leaving Zoom and Google Meet as the only University-supported web conferencing platforms at UNC Charlotte. Enterprise support for Webex will remain through final exams in Spring 2021. 

The move to Zoom follows a web conferencing analysis this fall. In a poll of students, 87% preferred Zoom over Webex for academic purposes. Of faculty and staff surveyed, more than 80% agreed that Zoom was easy to use and helped them complete their tasks well, compared to less than 42% and 32% for Webex, respectively. More than 89% of faculty and staff said they were satisfied with Zoom compared to 37% for Webex. Notably, 83% of faculty and staff said they would be unhappy if Zoom was no longer supported, compared to 28% for Webex. 

Cost and platform usage were also considered in the analysis of Zoom and Webex. With the current set up, enterprise licenses for Zoom and Webex are comparable. Usage was a different story: 79% of the 158,934 Webex and Zoom meetings between Aug. 25 and Nov. 22, 2020, were held in Zoom.

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